APM Minutes 100420


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in Stainforth Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 20 April 2010.


Cllrs Maudsley (Chairman), Newhouse, Pedley & Sharp. Also the Clerk and one parishioner, Mr Ronnie Chapman. The following were also present: County Cllr Richard Welch, Cllr Wilf Fenten, Mr Ian Fleming, Clerk, Horton in Ribblesdale PC, and Pc Harry Carpenter, Community Beat Officer

Cllr Chris Maudsley, Chairman extended a warm welcome to everyone.

1 Apologies

Cllr Fairweather and parishioners, Mrs Carol Beattie and Mrs Rosemary Caisley.

2 Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

The minutes were circulated before commencement of this meeting and following approval, were signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.

3 Matters Arising

- none

4 Cllr Wilf Fenten will give a presentation; Cllr Richard Welch will report on County and District Council matters and both he and Cllr Fenten will discuss matters of interest to the Parish of Stainforth

The Chairman introduced Cllr Wilf Fenten (WF) who is also a parish member of the YDNPA. He commented briefly on the forthcoming parish elections, there being 12 candidates at Horton in Ribblesdale. His term of office as a parish member of the YDNPA will end with the nomination of a new parish member but if re-elected at Horton, he may stand again. There have been two big issues during the last 12 months, access/green lanes. Some TRO’s had been overturned. The other issue is planning. There is to be a meeting shortly when the method of offering the planning framework for consultation would be considered and he urged the parish council to take the consultation very seriously and to send any response not only to himself and Cllr Welch, but to the Chief Exec at YDNPA. Cllr Welch remarked that the proposals for affordable housing could have been better handled. All parish comments have to be taken into account and if a proposal is rejected by YDNPA, then when it is referred to the Inspector, there can be ruling in the Council’s favour. The Council referred to enforcement issues in the village and WF asked that in future, he be informed of issues and he would try to ensure a swift reply.

Cllr Welch gave a summary of County and District issues and said with regard to the latter, that it had been a ‘challenging’ year. The loss of 50 jobs and closure of public conveniences had been contentious and there had been a large increase in car park charges. Alternate weekly collections of refuse had been introduced. There had been teething troubles but the system should be beneficial when it had settled down. As a member of NYCC, Cllr Welch is one of five county members of YDNPA. The redevelopment of the residential care home at Greenfoot is due to start in September this year and there will be more emphasis on dementia care when it re-opens in 2012.

Cllrs Welch and Fenten discussed several issues raised at the meeting following which, Cllr Maudsley thanked them for attending.

As Pc Harry Carpenter was present, he was asked if there were any matters which he wished to raise. He commented that there was a new Sergeant (Les Moorhouse) at Settle and as Community Beat Officer, he himself was responsible for policing in Stainforth, Horton and Langcliffe. Crime was at a low level and it was Sgt Moorhouse’s hope that this would remain so.

5 Chairman’s Report

Cllr Chris Maudsley reported that it had been a fairly quiet year but the long-running enforcement issues had caused frustration and it was hoped that these would be concluded soon. Though he had decided to stand down at the election, he had now changed his mind and was looking forward to continuing to serve the local community. When asked about play facilities in the village, Cllr Maudsley said that if land became available, he would like to see the establishment of a play area.




6 Clerk’s Report

The Clerk reported that the Council had held 10 meetings during the past year and thanked the Council for their forbearance during his illness last summer.

Finance – balances at the end of the last financial year to 31 March 2010 had increased by £999 from £4261 to £5260. Part of this was because, though street lighting work had been undertaken, the bill of some £414 had only just been received. The usual donations had been made as follows: Craven CAB £50; Royal British Legion £25 and Settle Area Swimming Pool £50. The Precept for 2010/2011 has been fixed at £5880, an increase of £960. CDC had advised that if a parish election was held, there would be an administration charge of around this amount hence it was felt prudent to budget for it. Finally, allotment rents have again been increased by £2 to £14 with immediate effect.

7 Parishioner Concerns

There were no specific parishioner concerns.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.05pm.

PFL 21.4.10



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