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Minutes of the Meeting of the Stainforth Parish Council held in the Games Room, Knight Stainforth Caravan Park at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 14th December 2010

Public Participation

No Parishioners attended.

Cllr Fairweather spoke about the issue of land near Ingle Byre & suggested the Parish Council consider registering the piece of land near the road.


Cllrs Maudsley (Chair), Pedley, Newhouse & Fairweather

1 Apologies:

Peter Leng, Clerk, Cllr Sharp, County Cllr Richard Welch, P.C. Carpenter.

In the absence of the Clerk, Cllr Pedley wrote notes.

2 Declarations of Interest and update of Register of Interests

Item 8 - Cllr Fairweather personal - neighbour

3 Police report


4 To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, 9th November 2010

The Minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.

Resolved: That they be approved by the Council and signed by the Chair as a true and correct record.

5 Matters arising

i) Land adjacent to Holly House. Following the Council's reply after the November meeting to David Bowe, Corporate Director, Business & Environmental Services, he has written again to confirm action proposed for this area to remove the holly bush from the green, to re-tarmac the area & restore the paved area. No dropped kerbs are proposed because of the nature of the slate edging which will be restored. The Clerk to be asked to circulate his copy of the e-mail from David Bowe as it has been lost temporarily on the Chair's computer.

ii) Overhanging trees Tom Lord has acknowledged the request to sort out the trees on Dog Hill. He has referred the issue to YDNPA as he thinks they have Preservation Orders on them. No reply has been received from Mr & Mrs Blackwell of Haworth's Barn.

Iii) NYCC receipt received for deposit of the Council's minute books. It was agreed to consult with Michael Simpson & Tony Hennigan about putting the more up to date minutes on the village website. They are available in electronic format.

6 Planning

a) C/64/121/LB agreed to recommend approval

b) No decisions had been received

c) No planning correspondence had been received

d) Local List from CDC - received


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7 Finance - payment of accounts

a No payments required

b Agreed with the Clerk's recommendation to increase the Precept by 80.

c Agreed to donate 50 to Settle swimming pool

d No additional donation agreed for Open Spaces Society

e 137 limit under LGA 1972 received

f Local Government Pay report - received

8 Ingle Byre.

Following a discussion of the proposal that the Council should apply to register land at the bottom end of the entrance to Ingle Byre it was agreed to seek further information via the Clerk about any potential costs of such action & about procedures. Also agreed to ask the Clerk for any information about similar actions in other Parish or Town Councils in the area. The Pinfold could perhaps be registered at the same time if this goes ahead. This item to be on the next agenda.

9 CDC Council Plan

information received.

10 Evaluation of Rough Sleepers

Chair to fill in questionnaire

11 Street Lights

a Little Stainforth light off (new report); outside Brookhouse in Stainforth still on 24 hours; bottom of the main Green still on 24 hours

b The Clerk has written to NYCC about the suggestion they might take over maintenance. Agreed to ask Horton for information about their new solar lighting - costs, funding etc

c Agreed to look at drawing up a specification on our lights with a view to asking for quotes. Chair will work with the Clerk on this.

12 Highways

a Drains at Little Stainforth are still blocked ; Grit bins appear to have been emptied, possibly by individuals

b Winter Maintenance Service report received

13 Repairs & Maintenance

a Nothing reported

b The new notice board is now up

c Need to check on the state of the bench at the bottom of Gooseker

14 Correspondence

a Building the Big Society received

15 Items of information


16 Date of the Next Meeting

Tuesday 11th January at 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.40pm.

AFP 17.12.10

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