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Minutes of the Meeting of Stainforth Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Stainforth on Tuesday, 8 February 2011 at 7.30pm. The public and press were invited and Parishioner Participation was at 7.30pm.


Cllrs Maudsley (Chairman), Fairweather, Newhouse, Pedley and Sharp. Also the Clerk and County/District Cllr R C Welch.

During parishioner participation, concerns were expressed in respect of the Taitlands and Ingle-Byre  planning applications.

1 Apologies

2 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Maudsley – item 6a – planning applications C/64/26J & 26K/LB – personal and  prejudicial – accommodation provider.

Cllr R Fairweather – item 6a – planning application C/64/3F – personal and prejudicial –  neighbour.

Cllr A Pedley – item 8 – www.stainforth.info - personal – member of Stainforth  Community Action Group.

Cllr A Sharp – item 6a – planning application C/64/26J & 26K/LB – personal – brother is  resident at Taitlands.

3 Police Report

none in the absence of the police

4 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 11 January 2011

The Minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.

Resolved: That they be approved as a true and correct record and signed by the Chairman.

5 Matters Arising


6 Planning

a) To consider applications received

Cllr Maudsley withdrew from the meeting during discussion of planning applications  C/64/26J & 26K/LB. Cllr Fairweather, Deputy Chairman assumed the Chair.

C/64/26J & 26K/LB
Demolition of existing bungalow and garage/store, erection of  two-storey building to provide disabled and bunk barn accommodation, erection of  garage/store and reinstatement of walled garden and glass house. Taitlands, Stainforth.

Resolved: No objections.

Cllr Maudsley rejoined the meeting and resumed the Chair

Cllr Fairweather withdrew from the meeting during discussion of planning application C/64/3F.

Sub-division of existing four bedroomed dwelling-house to create 2 No. two  bedroomed dwelling-houses, erection of potting shed, radio aerial and create new doorway  to existing garage (part retrospective). Ingle-Byre, Main Street, Stainforth.

Resolved: No formal comment as the application had been determined before this meeting.

However, there was concern that the application had been dealt with in haste thus causing any comment by the PC, to be superfluous and it was reported that two neighbouring  parishioners had not even received the usual notice of the submission of the application.

Cllr Fairweather rejoined the meeting.

Deferment of the end date for the completion of quarrying to 30 June 2015 and  the end date for restoration to 30 June 2016 and revisions to the restoration scheme. Arcow Quarry, Helwith Bridge. For Tarmac Ltd.

Resolved: No objections.

Deferment of the end date for the removal of the mineral washing plants  until 30 September 2015. Arcow Quarry, Helwith Bridge. For Tarmac Ltd.

Resolved: No objections.

Continuation of mineral working until December 2021 by deepening the current  extraction area, including revised restoration proposals. Dry Rigg Quarry, Helwith  Bridge.  For Lafarge Aggregates Ltd.

Resolved: No objections.

b) To note any decisions received

Replacement of four windows on front elevation at The Cottage, Little  Stainforth.

Listed Building Consent granted.




c) To receive any planning correspondence and to decide on action as appropriate

i) Land adjacent to Holly House, Stainforth – update.

Highways had advised that there was difficulty in sourcing suitable kerbs. Nevertheless, it was intended to make the earliest  possible start and the council would be informed when this was to happen. In the absence  of any further information, an update would be requested before the next meeting.

7 Finance

a) To authorise payment of accounts including as per schedule.

The Clerk had been handed a bill for hire of the village hall in the sum of £55.

Resolved: That payment be approved.

b) To conduct the annual review of the effectiveness of internal audit, including financial risk management and budgeting.

The Clerk explained that the External Auditor was giving much closer attention to this subject and indeed, could seek evidence of the review as part of the annual audit. The Clerk had circulated a pro-forma covering the review. He produced the cheque book and income and expenditure schedules as provided at every meeting. He also produced the council’s insurance policy and bank statements for inspection and drew the Council’s attention to its system of  financial risk management, the Council’s policy in this regard having been circulated. Budgeting had  been dealt with comprehensively at previous meetings. It should be noted that the council does  employ the services of a professional firm of internal auditors to undertake the internal audit  function but the Clerk reminded members of their responsibilities as Councillors to satisfy  themselves with the integrity of internal audit and the need to check for themselves that appropriate systems of verification were in place and effective.

Resolved: That the Council understands and approves the internal audit systems in place and considered at this review and that the pro forma checklists reflecting this be completed and adopted.

8 www.stainforth.info

a) To consider donation towards maintenance of village’s website.

The website was being provided under the aegis of Stainforth Community Action Group and the website fees had been reimbursed to a parishioner from money allocated to it through SCAG’S start-up grant given by CDC. Now the website was more developed and minutes recently uploaded, a more formal arrangement and  financing were required.

Resolved: That a donation of £25 be made to Stainforth Community Action Group and it be suggested that funding should be sought from accommodation providers and business in the village.

9 The Pinfold

a) To consider advice received regarding registration at the Land Registry of the land comprising the Pinfold.

This was not going to be without expense and the outcome uncertain.

Resolved: That no action be taken regarding registration but that the matter be kept under review.

10 To consider provision of Dog Bins including one at Goosker

Cllr Maudsley, Chairman said that there was only one dog bin in the village at present. Another at the bottom of Goosker Lane would be beneficial.

Resolved: That an additional dog bin be requested for Goosker Lane.

11 Royal British Legion’s 90th birthday celebrations 10 – 12 June 2011

a) To discuss holding of a ‘Great Poppy Party Weekend’.

A letter had been received from the  Royal British Legion and this had been circulated.

Resolved: That it be passed to the Village Hall Committee.

12 NYCC – Consultation on Library Proposals

to consider response

Resolved: No action.

13 Craven District Council – Community Governance Review 2010/11

a) To receive the Final Proposals - nothing affecting the parish of Stainforth.

14 Street Lights

a) To receive reports of defects for action and any other relevant information

b) Maintenance and supply of electricity – to consider any response received from NYCC.

They had advised that as the rate charged by the council’s current provider was so competitive, there would be little or no benefit in changing supplier. As regards maintenance of the lighting stock, further advice is awaited.




15 Highways

a) To receive any reports for action

Pot holes as follows:

on main road, near entrance to village;

Stackhouse Lane, just below The Riddings,

Main Street, Stainforth – two

Drain still blocked on Dog Hill Brow and causing danger in freezing weather

Resolved: That these items be reported for action

16 Repairs and Maintenance

a) To receive any reports for action - none

b) Repair of bench – bottom of Goosker. The Chairman regretted that he had nothing to report  at this time.

17 To respond to correspondence received

Letter from Mrs Carole Beattie re management of Greens in Stainforth and requesting  council approval to changes – to be included on next agenda.

18 To receive items of information – all circulated,

The Chairman advising that celebrations were to be held on the caravan park in order to mark the forthcoming royal wedding.

Resolved: That all items of information be received.

19 To arrange the next meeting of the Parish Council

Resolved: That the next meeting of the Parish Council be held in Stainforth Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 8 March 2011.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.50pm.

PFL 9.2.11

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