Minutes 130115

Minutes of the Meeting of Stainforth Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Stainforth on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 at 7.30pm. The public and press were invited. No parishioners were present.

Present: Cllrs Fairweather (Deputy Chairman and Chairman of this meeting), Asher, Sharp & Warren. Also, the Clerk and Ms Melanie McGeoch of Rural Action Yorkshire. As Chairman of this meeting, Cllr Fairweather’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received.

Winter Weather Agent Schemes - the Council had received a letter and information from Rural Action Yorkshire (RAC) as included at agenda item 11 (i) and Ms Mel McGeoch who is promoting the scheme on behalf of RAC, when speaking to the Clerk recently, had asked if she could attend a council meeting in order to briefly describe the initiative which had been set up by the Department of Health in conjunction with NYCC, to assist those at risk, to stay warm, healthy and safe in the cold winter weather. Applications for funding of up to £250 per scheme could be available to the local community. Schemes could include voluntary snow clearance, provision of grit, transport to a medical appointment, temporary provision of a generator to assist someone relying on electricity for medical equipment etc. Ms McGeoch was welcomed by Cllr Fairweather and the scheme was discussed. Submission of applications had to be within six seeks and any funding received had to be spent by 31 March 2013. Cllr Asher thought this could benefit the local Carers Group and Ms McGeoch undertook to forward application forms for use as required, the financial aspects being handled by the Parish Council.

1 Apologies

Cllr Chris Maudsley (Chairman) and County/Dist Cllr Richard Welch.

2 Police Report – none in the absence of the police.

3 Code of Conduct - Localism Act 2011 - to record any Councillor’s Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) in relation to items on this agenda

a) Councillors are to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) that they may have in items appearing on this Agenda (S 30 (3)), Appendices A & B Item 7 (iii) – Localisation of Council Tax Support Scheme 2013/14 – DPI - all members

b) To receive, consider, decide and record Members’ requests for DPI dispensations (S 31) in connection with items on this Agenda

i) Precept 2013 – 2014

Resolved: That the Parish Council grants a dispensation to enable it to consider the Precept 2013 - 2014.

c) Register of Interests – to receive from Members any DPI/Register of Members’ Interests or updated Register of Members’ Interests (S29 (1) for transmission to the Monitoring Officer, Craven DC - none

4 To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Resolved: That the Minutes be approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.

5 Matters Arising (information only)

i) Stepping Stones – the Clerk reported that he had discussed repair with the National Park. They had confirmed that they would be able to undertake the work, but not before March 2013, as fish were spawning at present and the beck had to be checked for native crayfish, a protected species, by an ecologist with a licence to do so. There had not been any evidence of crayfish at this time but any found would have to be removed prior to starting work. The Council had been informed that a fee in the order of £200 could be charged by the ecologist together with an additional fee in respect of any removal. However, the Council was pleased to hear that at last something was going to be done and authorisation of costs would be discussed at a later meeting.

ii) Highways – Dog Hill Brow – potholes repaired.

iii) Planning permission C/64/3F. This was in respect of a local property which had been subdivided. Subsequent occupancy had been discussed and referred to the YDNPA (ref EC/64/13D). The Council had now been informed of the action being taken in order to regularise the matter.

iv) Flash flooding – at the previous meeting, Cllr Asher produced a leaflet which she had received. However, as it seemed this had not been sent to every household, she undertook to enquire of the Environment Agency (EA). Having done so, she now produced a paper produced by the EA showing the potential effect of flooding on properties in Stainforth, some being at more risk thanothers. The Clerk undertook to draw the attention of the Highways Department to the possibility that some properties could flood and to ask that they ensure that drains are inspected and emptied regularly to minimise the risk.

6 Planning

a) To consider applications received - none

b) To note any decisions received - none

c) To receive any planning correspondence and to decide on action as appropriate – none other than at 5 (iii) above.




7 Finance

i) To authorise payment of accounts as per schedule including the Clerk’s expenses claim for the period 1 October – 31 December 2012. The Clerk’s expenses totalled £98.30.

Resolved: That payment of the Clerk’s expenses be approved and the donations as agreed at the previous meeting be paid.

ii) Street lights – conversion to control by time clocks - to consider quotation received.

Despite prompting, the quotation had still not been received. The contractor had apologised for the delay and said that he would forward it in time for the next meeting.

iii) Localisation of Council Tax Support Scheme 2013/14

a) To discuss the letter dated 21 December 2012 received from Craven DC on the Localisation of the Council Tax Support Scheme 2013/14 and the effect this may have on the Parish Council’s computation of its budget and setting its Precept for 2013/14 which had been provisionally set at £5380 at the last meeting. Each Council has its own Council Tax Based (CTB), that is the number of band D property equivalents within the parish and the Parish Council had been informed that recent legislation requires the CTB to reduce by the estimated cost of Local Council Tax Support in each parish in 2013/14. In Stainforth this means that the parish base will be reduced to 105.98 from 115.79. The effect of this is to reduce the income raised by Band D from £5240 (2012/13 Precept) to £4796, a reduction of £444. Should the parish council keep its precept at the same figure of £5240 for 2013/14, then £422.42 of this loss would be covered by a government grant, the shortfall of some £22 being made up by Craven DC – provided it decides to do so at a meeting to be held shortly and the Band D figure will change to £49.44 from £45.25. The parish council could choose whether or not it wished to accept the grant which is for one year only, there being no guarantee that something similar would be provided in 2014/15. The PC had already computed its 2013/14 precept at £5380, an increase of £140 and the facility does exist to take half of the grant in 2013/14 and ‘bank’ the other half for use in 2014/15. However, as the proposed increase in the council’s precept is minimal, it decided to leave the 2013/14 precept figure unchanged at £5240 for the 2013/14 year and to accept the grant as offered, failure to receive the shortfall of some £22 from CDC, being met by the Parish Council.

Resolved: That the Precept for 2013/14 remains unchanged at £5240 and the grants due to the Council be accepted for the forthcoming year.

b) To arrange Council representation at a drop-in meeting with Craven DC on 17 January 2013 in order to learn more of the effect of the Localisation of the Council Tax Support Scheme 2013/14. The Clerk advised that he would be attending the drop-in session on 17 January.

Resolved: That he represent the parish council in order to learn of the options available.

iv) Review of effectiveness of system of internal audit – the Clerk remarked that this was due and would be included on the next agenda.

8 Street Lights

a) To receive reports of defects for action and any other relevant information – light outside Allen Close in need of repair – noted.

9 Highways

a) To receive any reports for action

– village sign at Brookhouse entrance to village – collapsed; sign still down adjacent to Haworth Barn; ‘steep hill’ sign collapsed at top of hill on Goat Lane – all to be reported.

10 Repairs and Maintenance

a) To receive any reports for action - none

11 To respond to correspondence received

i) Rural Action Yorkshire - Winter Weather Agent Schemes – see item at beginning of these Minutes.

12 To receive items of information – those received to date had been circulated.

Rural Services Network – Cross Party Group – Rural Funding – send letter to MP urging support.

Resolved: That all items of information be received.

13 To arrange the next meeting of the Parish Council

Resolved: That the next meeting of the Parish Council be held in Stainforth Village Hall on Tuesday, 12 February 2012 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.50pm





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