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A History of Stainforth

The chapters of this publication are available in PDF format and can be read online.


Background to the publication

As the year 2000 approached, Stainforth Parish Council sought the views of the village on how the event should be marked. A questionnaire elicited a number of worthwhile suggestions, but it was clear that a history of the village received the fullest support. Those willing to research and write formed the Stainforth History Group.

In July 2000, an exhibition of photographs and artefacts from bygone days was held in the Village Hall, which stimulated much interest and provided encouragement for the project, and a photograph of residents was taken on the village green.

A successful application was made to the Millennium Festival Awards for All to provide funding for this publication and to frame a copy of the 1844 Tithe Map for permanent exhibition in the Village Hall.

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Please use these links to select the chapters you want to read - the PDF files will open in an Acrobat viewer..


Foreword and Introduction

1 Dawn to Domesday

2 The Monastic Period

3 Knight Stainforth Hall

4 Sale of Manorial Rights

5 Bridges of Stainforth

6 St Peterís Church

7 Rents Instead of Tithes

8 Stainforth Houses

9 The Village School

10 From the Archives

11 Farming & Employment

12 Limekilns in Stainforth

13 The Settle & Carlisle Railway

14 Boundary Survey

15 Ghosts & Myths

16 Within Living Memory

17 The Great War

18 Stepping out of the Second Millennium ...

19 Into the 21st Century


1 Poll Tax Return, 2 Flodden Roll, 3 Tax Assessment Levy, 4 Hearth Tax, 5 Craven Muster Roll, 6 Monastic Road System, 7 Place Names, 8 Archaeological Features.

Place Names

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