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Environmental Group

Visitors have remarked on how lovely the car park looks "One of the best in the area, but where are the seats?" was one memorable comment. The variable weather has been good for the planters in the car park which were made by the village Environmental Group two years ago. The plants generally look after themselves with the occasional bucket of water when there's a dry spell. There are five varieties of mint in one of the planters; thyme, lavender, ladies' mantle, evening primrose, honeysuckle and more in the others.

Planter in the car park

Likewise the plants in the pinfold were chosen for their hardiness. They are mainly herbs.

Pinfold plants

Planting initiatives

Earlier this year Mike and Sandra Warren decided to offer the land on Church Lane for use as small allotment plots. The offer has been taken up enthusiastically by residents and all kinds of fruit and veg. are growing. People are sharing produce and doing swaps a lettuce for some potatoes, and so on community spirit has grown as a result.

Church Lane allotments

Finally, Mike Warren has been trying for the last 3 years to create a wild flower grass verge opposite Hollies Cottages. Last year seeds of yellow rattle finally 'took' (Tom Lord had allowed members the Environmental Group to harvest seeds from his hay meadows). Yellow rattle is parasitic and feeds off the roots of tough grasses making it easier for the more fragile flowers to grow amongst them. This year there is a lovely show of red poppies.

Wild flowers and poppies

Next year will be even better so, well done Mike.

Angie, July 2011



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